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Via degli Ausoni 7, RUFA space, Rome. April 2023


In many cultures Soul is the immaterial aspect or essence of a person, that is conjoined with the Body during life and separable at death. 

The question presented to and by the artists is “is the soul the house of the body or the body the house of the soul?”.

This collective of six international artists explore the theme basing their research on their personal experience with the topic, projecting very different facets of the same interrogative, shaped on their singular cultural heritages.


Alexandra Bitterova, Alvi Östgård, Giulia Vitiello, Janneke Leenders, Maia Sleezer, Ximena Robles



100 x 100cm 

Acrylics and gesso on canvas,


Sometimes it is easier to connect to something higher than yourself through the body; with the body moving, the mind calms down.


Prayer-walking involves taking our prayers to the very places where we desire to see Divinity’s presence manifested and our prayers answered. It uses the sights, sounds, even smells to engage both body and mind in the ministry of prayer – grounding our prayers in what comes our way through our natural senses.


It is an old custom/ritual in several Christian and Buddhist monasteries; a neatly and intentionally designed path of a specific pattern.


Such a curated prayer-walk is what has inspired the strokes of textures in this piece, whilst the sensory experience is expressed through colors.

IMG_0301 2.jpg

From the exhibtion.


From the opening of the exhibition.

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