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100 x 100 cm
Acrylics and gesso on canvas
Alvi (and the forest), 2023

Sometimes it is easier to connect to something higher than yourself through the body; with the body moving, the mind calms down.
Prayer-walking involves taking our prayers to the very places where we desire to see Divinity’s presence manifested and our prayers answered. It uses the sights, sounds, even smells to engage both body and mind in the ministry of prayer – grounding our prayers in what comes our way through our natural senses.
It is an old custom/ritual in several Christian and Buddhist monasteries; a neatly and intentionally designed path of a specific pattern.
Such a curated prayer-walk is what has inspired the strokes of textures in this piece, whilst the sensory experience is expressed through colors.


This painting was painted for the exhibition "Ànemos", which took place in Rome in April 2023. The second image is from the exhibition, and the third from its new home in Michigan, USA.

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